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Global trading network to buy & sell Forex,
commodity and Gaming & lottery management

We’ve built a platform
to buy and sell forex, commodity and Gaming & lottery management.

We’re reinventing the global investment network – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way Gaming & lottery management work and the way investors buy and sell forex and commodity.

What is

Our Club



Bitcoin verifies transactions with the same state of the art encryption that is used in.



Bitcoin verifies transactions with the same state of the art encryption that is used in.


Gaming & lottery management

Bitcoin verifies transactions with the same state of the art encryption that is used in.

Why Us ?

BERJAPAY combines first-mover innovation with true staying power. we introduced independent traders to the boundless potential in the global currency markets. A decade after launching, we are still a leader in gaming & lottery management industry globally.

  • Trusted market leader and stable partner
  • Strong regulatory framework
  • Ultra-competitive pricing and superior execution
  • Premium trading tools and resources
  • Safety of funds
  • Research & Analysis
  • Deposit/Withdrawal
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Risk Warning

Our Mission

Berjapay will seek to develop itself into the brokerage of choice for all traders, whether they are small retail clients or large institutional traders. Through this customer centric policy we will aim to develop long-term relationships that will solidify our position and ultimately lead to our longevity and profitability

To maintain our position as an industry leader in the online forex markets.

To continually add to our product range through innovative financial products.

To continually establish new value adding services for our clients.

To provide an unparalleled trading environment for all our clients.

Our Aim

The company aims at providing the best and most secure investment environment for its clients.

Berjapay is a forward thinking company and we are always looking towards the future. We have a clear set of aims and objectives in front of us and we are doing our best to achieve those aims.

Our first and most important objective is to find investment opportunities in new fields and sectors that offer us a high yield of return so that we can in turn offer our clients profitable returns on their private investments they make with us. As for the future, our aim is to become a trusted name in both the private investment business and the wealth management industry.

To provide our clients the best returns on their investments.

To find new fields and sectors that offer high yielding investments opportunities.

To become a trusted name in the private investment field.

To become a worldwide leader in Wealth Management.

About Us

Team dedicated to providing a global trading network in the forex,
commodity and gaming & lottery management.

Team dedicated to providing a global trading network in forex, commodity & gaming & lottery management.

We started our journey 30 years back in Malaysia and from then we have our head in various regions of the world. Our new project Berjapay is started to club our three areas into one roof. Berjapay will club forex, commodity, gaming & lottery management and bring a new platform for the global investment community.

We are operating in Cambodia and our other sister project includes:

We always focus on our consumer and bring products that help in living life they always desire.

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